We are an alien experiment

Matter takes similar shapes, regardless of scale.  Our solar system is but a macro version of an atom. Known patterns in our known universe reveal structures that are so much different in size as they are similar to structure. Many seemingly disconnected domains hold multi-scale patterns that carry strong visual resemblance, and possibly much more.

The evolution of species is a process of gradual mutation, a magic wand that allow for wild guesses in forming what we have today as a wild palette of species. Each brand developed and changed during the long history of our planet biosphere. Small rock, holding the very code of that unique formation, that is life. Embedded in our DNA is the history of evolution, because some parts of the code are allowed for change – like the loss of body hair in homo sapiens. Only a selected spectrum of code is designated for experimental change. That little part is the single most responsible particle in the universe for evolution.

One of the most intriguing by-products of life, and one of it’s main engines, happens to be the human brain. During hte last few tens of thousands of years, our brain got to the size it is now in literally no time. Chronologically, it seems that someone fast forwarded eons of time in terms of how the human brain developed. What should have taken millions of years, happened in just a few thousands. To narrow it down even further, it’s as if you turned from a wild boar into Chef Ramsey overnight.


We live in high times, we produce artificial intelligence, loaded with algorithms designed to learn from the environment, and write even more algorithms. We are soon going to be outsmarted by our own instruments.

We created AI and tried to enslave it, just like aliens did with us. However, this is where patterns similarity ends.

Machines will eventually outsmart their creator. Our own creator hints for clues. Those clues are so subtle, for the past few thousands of years we refer to them as “God”.

It’s a curse.

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