Things you probably didn’t know about hipsters

Some things you probably do know about hipsters no doubt are that they belong below and beyond the fine line that defines mainstream. The fact that hipster suggests the lack of any style or label is what makes mainstream a pretty good definition for it. But icebergs only looks simple on the surface. Here’s a VENN diagram that aims to explain the intricate relation between mainstream and its relative cunterpart :

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Oh wait, did I say cunterpart? Yes, you heard right! It’s obvious that a hipster is so much more than just the complementary of mainstream. What isn’t considered conventional by, of course, other conventional peoples, does not necessarily belong to the hip domain by default. Which makes hipsters very elusive a breed to pinpoint. Finding hipsters is more difficult than finding out if you are one. This mission can go into the wrong direction pretty easily.Especially when asking the right questions. Here’s why: asking hipsters directly about their identity is probably the worst approach out there to this problem, it produces nothing but counter intuitive leads and hints that would leave you headbanging, and that’s not healthy at all. Having a hipster self-image involves mechanics simil;ar to those commonly abused in a game of poker.

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Hipsters would never reveal themselves, especially if confronted outright. So a positive answer to a direct question would definitely suggest you are talking to a fake hipster. And a no means yes roughly 50% of the time. However, the other 50% consist of individuals lurking through one of the most dangerous social layers known to kind men. Asking a real hipster the direct question will give you nothing, but if you happened to stumble upon the doppelganger in the branch, be somewhere else. I’m talking about the missing link, indicated with yellow below:

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Finding an actual hipster is extremely difficult and super-unsafe due to the risk of bumping into their highly grievous substitute: the hipster wannabe. Hipsters and their wannabes are like edible mushrooms and their poisonous cousins. Look at that stupid graph above: their name is even spelled wrong. That’s them trying to like stuff too early before it becomes cool, or too late. There is one easy way to tell a wannabe. They believe they are hipsters and will get offended if not recognized as such. Fail to acknowledge their true revolt against label-ism and you have trouble on your hands. On the other side of the bridge, hipsters are comparatively harmless puppies. Especially when they happen to be actual harmless puppies. You can even pet them.

However, hipster is a finite term. On one end, there’s the

H > mainstream

and on the other side of the equation:


beyond hip



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