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The I against ‘I’

No matter how much someone can drive you nuts, you can always blame it on them for being senseless arseholes or truck drivers who were raped as kids. When negative consequences surface up, blame can be thrown in a 360 degree arc. Just focus on a target and arguments will rain down like skull breaking hail. But before you do, ask yourself:


Why were you dealing with these people in the first place?

If that unbearable guy happens to be your boss – fuck you! You applied to that job, you should grow balls and quit it. If the prick acting up is your friend, you need to start thinking how worthless words really are, especially when used to describe relationship status.

At the bottom of every hiccup, there’s your reflection staring back at you from the mirror called reality. A particular set of decisions and actions lead you to certain people and places. You are the main reason why anything happened to you just because you consciously made a decision to be somewhere or with someone. Anything else is noise, or if you prefer the academic term:



You may think some people are crazy and have issues. That’s true, of course, but who are you to be the judge of that? You are just as biased and crazy as the next guy. You would never be able to fully understand someone else, even if they open up to you completely.They still would feel or think something you never be able to fully experience, ever. Walking in somebody’s shoes does not even begin to describe what really feels like to be somebody else. It only implies how shitty it would be to wear someone else’s skids. They will either be too tight or too loose …


… or you will get fungus.

You took the job, you called that guy your friend, whatever. You brought up these particular situations yourself. Sometimes, making strong effort and making no effort can land you on the same crossroad. Some people call it coincidence, but we all know this is a made up word for something that does not exist and that someone or something is always in control of what’s happening to you. You are the sole master of your own destiny, no matter what the horoscope said about your gullible ass today.


Everything that happens to you is pushed either by your own actions or your laziness. However, every time you go wrong with either of those and need something to put the blame on – you can. Every time. Let’s look at common examples: the others (my favorite), the weather, coincidence, karma, neutrino, chocolate chip cookies, God, low quality printing paper, horoscope. You can add up to it easily – just flick the pages of any book and randomly select a word.

"a.. firkin?"

“a.. firkin?”

Creative blaming is sort of a martial art developed by your brain: a defensive technique meant to protect you from feeling the innate pain and guilt your should feel after doing shit stuff. It is usually something you are obviously to to blame for, but your ego is too boasted up to let you fully admit it. It becomes a game of cats and mouse: once you admit you made a mistake, you have to eventually admit it to other people too. Since the ego feeds predominately on external responses, this is it’s worse  nightmare.

We need to find enemies bigger than ourselves, but can we? Until we do, we’ll just crash airplanes into buildings or make them completely disappear.

No one can stop us. Unless…


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