A high value article—or any written piece—comes from a good story that is also told well. Of course, news worthy content eventually towers over any tall tales spun to delight the simple minds. But at what cost? Here’s what we know about content optimization.

Why SEO?

People like to read about interesting news and facts. Not only that – they need to be well presented. Good stories are not search engine friendly by default. We are currently 50 years deep in the Information age. Original content gets easily swiped by the ongoing tsunamis of information pieces with mixed value. However, now, more than ever, it is increasingly difficult to filter the irrelevant in search for the worthwhile.

News pieces or blog entries usually come from writers who are not necessarily SEO experts themselves. They depend, however, on experts to convert their initial input into a web ready product.

Good writers worry more about getting the message across and less about passive/active voice ratio or word count. And rightfully so.


One of our SEO projects contain a web page that is presently holding topmost position. It reached #1 position since it was initially optimized in early 2018. This page is by itself a pure testament to the level of our up-keeping.

Visitors and potential clients prefer organic finds and are known to display a nuanced distrust towards paid advertising. Our work flow handles ads with extreme prejudice. Web users prefer more to get to information naturally. They don’t like to read something because someone spend money to bring it to their attention. We focus on organic search engine optimization — the dream of every SEO expert and site owner.

Loading Speed Optimization

Website loading speed is the holy precursor to effective SEO. Optimizing meta tag and key phrases is really important but becomes irrelevant if it takes extra seconds for that irrelevant oversized image to load up very slowly.

Our initial check is mainly designed to show flaws and areas for improvement. But it also reveals ongoing resources that yield an unproductive effort. Our expertise help us detect such misguided currents and can potentially re-channel them into areas that could actually use  improvement.

Send us a message, and we will do a preliminary website evaluation. In severe cases (explained down below) we virtually save lives.And less important things like time and money.

Free SEO Audit

Websites demand constant SEO and site speed checks as a regular maintenance. We understand that every web project has unique goals and challenges. Our solutions are based on careful preliminary analysis.

Before we drill deeper, we rely on simpler checks that aim to uncover obvious issues and potential paths for further investigations.  A preliminary check comes for no charge and is good for a couple of things:

  • Defines areas for potential SEO related flaws
  • Measures the degree for possible improvements
  • Accurate evaluation without obligation

Image Optimization

Our approach is based on preserving the balance between for minimum file size requirements and quality. With recent changes in the way media is handled, proper file format becomes very relevant. Many convenient extensions like PNG and GIF are now considered obsolete by common standards and their presence affect website’s ranking. Some of the small animations on this website used to be GIFs – they are now replaced with their improved versions (MP4). Image optimization is seemingly about size and ratio. It’s also about staying relevant.

Image optimization is one of the most important factors in SEO. We bring out two main reasons to support this statement:

  • image-related problems cause high negative scores for page ranks, but at the same time
  • are relatively easy to fix with a timely reaction.

Some websites holding image related penalties literally fly
compared to crawling initially
after our intervention.

Let’s learn about this intervention we talk so much about.

How we do SEO and image optimization

Completed SEO projects come with a before and after snapshots, showing the quantitative side of all the improvements. Here are some items we successfully optimize for:

*But don’t just take our word for it. On a good day, our own site’s score looks like this:

Here’s one of the tools we use detect SEO problems. It’s designed and developed by Google and help us find how much Google ready a website is. Makes sense. It’s mostly about how quickly the content gets visibly ready for the visitors. This is possibly the most important factor in SEO, possibly only overpowered by link building.

We divided site speed score results into three categories, defined by color. Take the test and find out the color of your current SEO dreams. We aim to bring results in the green spectrum.

Score review and action plan

Back from the scan? Good. Your website scored in the red? Also good. Because we can help. The score color tells by how much and red is the color of unlimited possibilities.

Scores in red rule out the possibility that the website was build with SEO in mind. This boat had hit some icebergs and water rushed in. Big damage usually demands lots of repairs. The good news is that any type of maintenance counts as a big step forward. It’s also possible to recover from mistakes related to negligence. With tougher cases we have rescue protocols guaranteed to help websites stay above sea level.

Orange websites may have avoided a complete disaster but that doesn’t discount a big cause for concern. Especially prone to maintenance are all the outliers. They would either be in danger of dropping to red, or in need of a small boost to finally enter the green zone. Average scores suggest that cleaning and fixing is due. Let us do all the work.

This is a place where good websites need to be. Strong competitors also recognize the value of optimized data. This means that getting new clients as a top dog also means winning over somebody else’s clients. It’s a tough game, and we are out in the pitch.

Content Optimization

A big part of our operation includes text management. We analyze written content and align it with present day search engine requirements. That way the core messages not only remain encoded, but potentially has extra power to reach the right audience.

Good story tellers focus on the message and we take care of all the rest. And that job includes factors like these:

  • minimum and maximum characters and words for main text and titles
  • keyword density
  • article title, subheading
  • interlinks,
    most important of metrics for page ranking
  • article URL and meta tags
  • passive/active voice ratio
  • length of sentences and paragraphs
  • transition word density
  • focus words & stop words
  • article image optimization
    and even
  • Flesch reading ease

Final thoughts

Crucial to conversion is the fact that your website visitors should be people genuinely interested in your services, and not stumblers. One key—yet hard to analyze— symptom for SEO related problems is when visitors reach your page while looking for something else.

The meaning of metrics data can only be accurately interpreted trough deep analysis. SEO requirements create an environment where various dynamic factors can easily be misinterpreted without the proper cross-reference and insight. We happen to excel in both.

With optimized text and images, you get the following bonus pack:

  • traffic data suddenly becomes a meaningful report
  • empty traffic is reduced
  • points for improvement are revealed

Send us a message and learn how much your website is really worth.