Motion Graphics

We use clean graphics to make nice animations and convey powerful messages through smart video editing.

Your static presentations or business documents can be transposed into interesting videos like product promos, video tutorials, case studies, company profiles and more.

Why Video & Motion Graphics?

Videos are probably the most effective way to convey messages and ideas. It uses the combined effects of audio and video and has a superior marketing value than any static web content or business document.

Our Services

Here’s a breakdown of what we do:

  • motion graphics and 2D animation: logo reveal, animated presentations and graphs, splash & loading screens, intro & outro, subtitles, lower thirds
  • video editing: transitions, cuts, timing, 2D and 3D motion tracking
  • audio editing: leveling and mastering audio tracks, noise removal
  • special effects: video and audio

A video with clean cuts and smooth transitions can easily be encoded into a powerful message carrier. We make that happen using your own sources, stock footage, custom video, voice recordings and sharp graphics.

Why Us

We value strong business relationships. They are built – just like any other relationships – through trust and mutual appreciation. People love transparency, we work to reduce ambiguity through honest reviews of company’s core values and modus operandi.

We know our strengths and recognize our limitations. But how do we prove we can manage without making it too complicated?

Custom projects require custom solutions.

We offer free samples for first time clients. usually a short animation using custom media
It’s our way of establishing an environment where ideas meet application without the unnecessary burden of commitment. Please send us your ideas and we’ll use the input to create plans of approach.

Work examples