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Humans as a dead branch (Part I)

Humans were lucky to be the first species to evolve to a point from where they could easily wipe out the remainder of the planet’s fauna, including their own kind. In the life long battle of species, raging on our planet since primitive bacteria. Animals who are unfortunate enough to share turf with us on dry land have nothing but nails and teeth to fend off full metal jackets, arrows, pikes, forks, traps, nuclear winter, and, of course, steel cages.

This one slipped through into my top 100 greatest inventions

Our own human teeth and nails gradually became obsolete. We can manufacture tools that are much better substitutes. The incredible reality is that we still have the remnants of what used to be our most trusted tools against nature. When technology no longer serves us, we’ll eventually fall back on the withered remnants of DNA that took millions of years – possibly more- just to equip us with the basic tools we need to get by. Next time you catch yourself biting your fingernails, think about the loop your brain created to cover up for one subtle ancient instinct.

Humans pushed up to the very top of the food chain ladder and now they sport only a temporary lead. Do we kill to survive? Here’s why animals kill, arranged in order of priorities: for food, for fun, or for no apparent reason at all. Noticeably, there is little to no option there that involves no killing at all. From the viewpoint of a conqueror, raw power is due for display. We are not advertising our brain capacity but the fact we could wipe out things into oblivion.

Animals are stupid, otherwise they would have hated us for being so much smarter than them and so much more brutal and ruthless at the same time. We are a fine example that brain size and capacity increases proportionally with violence. If animals traded places with us, they’d realize killing weaker species has nothing to do with being smart.

Ah, powers of our minds, why no understand?

Ah, powers of our minds, why no understand?

With our current mental load as species, we could have already made an evolutionary leap. Easily saving ourselves thousands of years of painful ‘natural’ evolution. We did it before – steam, electricity, quantum power, cages.. Currently, we only just touched the phase where technology produces undeniable idiots.

On the flip side, even dead branches are not completely useless. We could be used for something, like food for the greater species who fucked monkeys to create us, and who will visit us again, eventually. Like a farmer who checks on its crops. Until that happens, we remain purposeless. Just lying around in the back yard of the Universe… covered with moss and red ants.

Killing all life and plant forms as we carve our path in history of the universe. We deserve to become dead branches. Toss that in the fire and listen to the sweet cracking sound.


  1. goatee? gravity? liars? nigga please. I read it all in kindergarten, and I never even went to kindergarten

  2. I look forward to your follow up article.

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