Goatie Saver Commercial

As Dave Chappelle one said, modern problems require modern solutions.

In the world ruled by autocratic males and retarded-looking females,  evolution of species has derailed into a new realm where a moderate twist has been added even to mundane daily problems we all have.  These other dimension us look ridiculous even if put next to the ‘other us’ as we appeared during the dawn of early homo (no homo) development.

We used to fend of polar bears with our bare hands and take over their icy caves, fuck on the green grass of spring… Everything look peachy and law of nature looked plausible. However, as matured species in evolutionary aspect we now experience greater problems. One of them, of course, being how to a get used to make ourselves a a perfect goatee every time we need to trim our facial fur.


If you have a vagina, try and think for a second, what it feels like to be the wife of a goatee guy. It’s a life of a struggle only slaves have seen in their worst nights of slavery.

Imagine your humble husband making the goatee saver a solid part of his life, his face gradually diminishing the power of your role by creating a side kick character of its own. At some later stage, you can no longer refer to it as ‘it’ or ‘the it’ because it also has a gender different than that.

The goatee leeches on men powers and take over their brain in the 2nd week after first appearance on their faces. Has psyonic powers too. For example in the video above, looking directly at it will force anyone’s look to bounce off of it.

the wife of a goatee

Honey, fuck your stupid goatee, we need new wallpapers


You probably wonder: ‘Does the goatee saver actually grand superpowers?! The fuck!” Questions like are pretty common and the answer is hard to find.

A life spent with your goatee lover partner will eventually land a painful lesson: goatee saver is the exact opposite of what a black hole is. We shall call it white hole for the purpose of this article only.

goatee saver mouth piece

You can bite the white hole right in its balls.

Goatee Saver is also a Time Saver. But we can’t call it also that, because the phrase is also right protected. Think about the thousand times you think about reassuring that the perfect symmetry of your facial marvel  stays that way, every day. There’s no time left for anything else really. Having a goatee is a full time job. You can’t afford to have another job or support a family.

But look at this, and you’ll come to the same conclusion I did – fuck family.’

We almost forgot to mention the pussy magnet side.

I don't own a car but I can tell you still want me in you.

I don’t own a car but I can tell you want my penis in your vagina.

Every cool-ass effects made possible by the goatee saver will stay with you forever.  You had any doubts about it? Check out Heather: she’s hammered and it’s not even noon yet. But does she appear as if she gives a fuck? You tell me:

Hey, easy pussy everyone.

Dat statue on the left..

Just be yourself.




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