Fatigue is the curse of all life forms

What it really means to be tired?



Is it Melatonin slumbering our neurons or the lactic acid bringing pain into our muscles? Or the combination of all numbing processes our body goes through and eventually gives up and we have to go to sleep? How do we get to regain power every  morning?

Above: average human in waking-up naturally

Sometimes, power overwhelming.

Energy does not vanish in thin air right before nightfall, only to miraculously pop back up into our body, the very next day. Where does it hang at while we dream about chocolate flavored unicorns? Disperses or melts away? Even stuff that dissolves never disappear completely. It simply changes form.

If energy never disappears, how come you get tired? It seems our vitality leaves like a double faced whore only to tiptoe back into our bed in the morning. But where does it go (to fuck)?

Or, how many entities are being fucked all at the same time?

Or, how many entities are being fucked all at the same time?

One does wonder if weariness really is just lack of motivation or inability to produce motion, for whatever reason. Considering human body has the act of movement deeply embedded in its design, lazy asses better find better excuses for fatigue. Your brain is contrived to produce false sense of tiredness that your body feels at the end of the day. Eventually the signal is picked up by the brain who shuts you down soon after. Another necessary lie.


Can you spot the lie in the way it dashes its way across neurons?

Can you spot the lie in the way it dashes its way across neurons?

Probing the true meaning of tiredness,  I could not help but note that no living creature should ever be tired. Certainly, this could be felt but it’s just one of the white hat lies our brain tells us just to protect us. The key here is to always trust your body and swiftly recognize the nature of any extraneous stimulus. Question any thing your brain brings about, anything you identify as feeling, because these are the mechanics of deceive your brain exercises on you on a daily.

Half of your ass!

Half of your ass!

Similar to pain, feelings are just weakness leaving your body. As they exit the body, they leave no trace for they lack texture which could make an impact. Think of it as dark matter – fairly important, but has no mass. Unlike pain, which is pretty tangible and could be felt pretty well.

Feelings could confuse the mind-body compound. Once you clearly see them as artificial product of the mind, common projections of the ego, you will chance upon the miracle of life:  that is your own body. Once you get it, you will never be tired , ever again!


Still one of the few good excuses for taking a break


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