The Naked Eye Evidence for Fake Moon Landing in 1969

Did US astronauts really landed on the Moon in the year 1969?

The footage from all the test runs generated most of the footage released to the public but how about some hard evidence. The Apolo 11 crew supposedly took care of that — they mounted a US flag on the Moon surface. Question is, where is it exactly.

Interestingly enough, no one from Earth could see it. There is no good snapshot of that precious item, either by a telescope or a phone camera. Astronauts claim they landed on the bright side of the Moon. We think they maybe have put it on the other side by mistake.

As to why they did it, many plausible theories come forward, but there is one that makes most sense: the bright side of the Moon is getting too much Sun and the flag colors will quickly fade away. So they poetically stick it where eternal shadows have become its sole guardians.

Nobody can see it now but whenever they do – the red white and blue will not have turned into shades of grey.


Conveniently, it’s always dark over at the Dark Side of the Moon.

Now you know.


  1. I was wondering if you could help me?

  2. Hah. I can see the flag with my telescope…

  3. нщг вшв еру кшпре ерштп says:

    Help you figure out who landed on the moon first?

  4. 😀

  5. New flags are being put in there since moon mission. There are now Russian flags too. Won’t be surprised to find also Chinese.

  6. wot! maybe the flag is fallen down or something

  7. What about the flag waving… the flag that isn’t there 😛

  8. money laundry comes to mind

  9. I’m sorry, do you have more evidence supporting the hoax?

  10. Will this ever stop

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