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COVID-19: For healthier planet

This is How it’s Meant to Be

COVID-19 comes as a plague for humankind, but it’s an ultimate medicine for every other living kind.

Plants are an example of living organisms that we fail to understand due to the metabolism of their communication. We don’t have years to dedicate to one meaningful chat with a fern. Although we can’t listen, plants do have something to say.

One of the biggest threats to plants is humans – with air pollution, forest fires, cutting them down to make room for stock. A football field size area of trees are being cut down each second.

What if the plant kingdom finally finished their assessment of what to do with us, and the decision came clear: don’t interfere, let them kill themselves. And we took this to heart. Please meet the coronavirus.

A global plague hurdled people into isolation. Streets are free of cars, the air is cleaner, the earth is greener. Although we all collectively agree that a cleaner planet is what we want to leave to our children, our actions suggest we intend to do the complete opposite. On paper, we agree to follow an agenda that the collective mind of all Earth’s flora and fauna would have approved if it could. But being on top of the chain, we cheat and proceed to break this omni-beneficial agreement, driven by a strong and selfish sense of impunity.

To any plant-based life, human life is short and noisy nonsense, a story written by a fool, signifying nothing. When looked from the perspective of Earth’s biosphere with a focus on its sustenance, humankind is one big crime against life. But not to worry. In a closed-circuit environment, such as our planet with us in it, a crime against the biosphere is already being carried out. We already suffer the initial consequence of our own actions, that would later plague the fate of all future generations.

Earth is big and the ripples that our wrongdoings create and spread throughout, the echoes of which come back to us when it is already too late to react. Our sentence as incompatible species is prolonged in time and propagates in size. But our lives are too short and we fail to personally feel and measure the consequences. Birds are still singing, it seems to us we have dodged the bullet and eagerly proceed to destroy what’s left of our junkyard.

The coronavirus is a quick collateral effect coming from the long-term sentence that is affecting us directly. We’ll survive it, hopefully. What won’t survive is the hopes of our kids, when they inherit the planet from us. They will grow smarter than us and will soon realize the stupidity of their greed-driven parents. You, reader, are part of a generation that will take the blame for something that your children will regard as the grand folly of our forefathers.

One day, in the not so distant future, our kids’ kids will sit in a middle of a polluted and dying world and think:

“Thanks, mom, I hope you had a blast while destroying my future.”

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