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The dynamics of life choices

It’s not always easy to see yourself through the eyes of others. Not everyone can and will do it. But what’s even more onerous, is shift the perspective up a bit – to the level of an invisible drone, hovering above you and everyone else.

How do you fit into this puzzle?

Looking at your social network with you in the center is an excellent way to measure your impact on it. You directly change the dynamics of the system that has you as one of its many interconnected parts.

In your life, you will affect a lot of people with your actions. Every negative and affirmative response is amplified through you, by creating a ripple in the network, that’s being passed on more than you think. More than once or twice, at least.

When you do something that you shouldn’t do it’s worse than you think.

The power and consequences of your actions are multiplied by the number of people you interact with, and the people they interact with and so on. You might be a shoe shiner giving random advice to a millionaire who is passing by, and the result of being million of lives improved.

And that’s why it’s even more important to do the right thing and avoid being idle, or lazy or not do that thing or anything at all.

Of course, our social network is a bit inferior to that of fungi, for example. Mushrooms use synaptic connections that are so much more effective, they collectively live as one standalone organism—something we should have been already, as thinking species. But we need time to evolve to that stage. Mushrooms have a head start long ago, they have been around the block for far longer than us. If evolution managed to stuff something useful inside our squishy brains, it is the notion that good things take an unimaginably long time to manifest.

So be patient.

But don’t be waiting.

And thank Jordan Peterson, for help spread the word about how our action matter.

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