Chickens don’t have feelings

source: foxnews

source: fox news

Few weeks ago, some 500 000 chickens avoided being slaughtered for dinner by being swept away by a tornado in Mississippi, USA. After the tornado cleared away, few chickens that survived the ordeal were seen weakling around, picking up seeds and other crap around the dead bodies of their fellow brethren. They didn’t express sadness or concern in any shape or form.

Why? The short answer: they don’t really give a fuck.

The long answer lays out a few significant points. We know humans are the most emotional creatures on the planet, the cry babies of species – eery other animal, even kiwis look like cold blooded killing machine compared to us.

killer kiwi

If a mother zebra loses its cup to a lion, she may even shed a tear. Pretty much everyone’s lives here on Earth, except for humans’, end up pretty much the same the same way: neck being chewed clean off the carcass. Natures irony here is mind bending – top of the food chain is capped by humans, the biggest cry babies of who somehow also threw massive upgrades on their dark side: they murder everything that has little to no feelings at all. Like chicken, for example.

Chicken are today’s proud representatives of dinosaurs and if there is anything that gave the least fuck here on Earth it would be the dynos. But they had to refrain from developing feelings as part of basic survival requirements. There were some dinosaurs who developed emotions, but they were obviously eaten by the ones who didn’t before they could branch off and live happily away from their evil cousins.

So next time you order chicken wings, know this, the chicken who was used to get you full didn’t give a flying fuck about anything.


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