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Why are adults nothing but grown up kids

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Never stop being a kid, Richard. Never stop feeling and seeing and being excited with great things like air and engines and sounds of sunlight within you. Wear your little mask if you must to protect you from the world but if you let that kid disappear you are grown up and you are dead.

Richard Bach

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If you are an adult, chances are you treasure spider webbed boxes of old Lego blocks under your bed or in the attic. One huge box holding all the mixed parts from all the themed sets. Hundreds of plastic pieces carelessly scattered around the house, scraped back and put in the box, including the pieces that, although not lost forever like other few, but having teeth marks from the dog.

This very childhood treasure beacon with infinite possibilities that used to blow your creative young mind, is now collecting dust and forgotten. If you come up across that box while cleaning your house, or just looking for your old vibrator, chances are you’d peek inside and be swept away by the flood of awesome memories.  You’d still consider playing with Lego parts again, but of course, like most adult, you’d ditch the idea with a loaded pretext about being too busy doing grown-up stuff.

With the treacherous monotony attached to the life of most of us, we forget about our inborn ability to really enjoy ourselves, like kids do. We developed this trait when we were little but quickly disjoint from it later.

Kids have a amazing time all the time. Their daily lives feel like they permanently live on Cato Neimoidia. But the fun stops as soon as they become adults. The world through the eyes of grown-ups, a dark picture tainted by ego-driven goals that may look peachy during their planning, but feel dreadful or meaningless when achieved.

The ways we enjoy ourselves as adults looks pretty retarded to kids, and it really is. Remember seeing your parents when they seemed to be having a good time? Didn’t they look weird? Drunk and loud, what was that all about, you thought. But then you grew up (and I hope you didn’t become an alcoholic).

As soon as we grow up and stop being kids, we lose something precious. The good news is we actually never loose it, we abandon it. We forget what we always had. Probably the biggest flow in our mental and physical development.

Most of us unnoticeable adopt repetitive lifestyles and create a sad justification in our brains and hope it will carry us through the shit storm of daily thoughts, up till it’s time to go to sleep and be ready to do it all over again the next day. Kids would never do such a thing and although they have no idea why they should stop screaming when there are other people around, they have the luxury of having a good time all the time. Why can’t we, as adults?

Although actual kids are chaotic little egoists, a grown-up kid can recognize the bad side of their character and learn how to be happy by preserving the liberating kid mind.

Those who preserve their inquisitive child mind are the geniuses who know themselves deeply, can enjoy life better, are less likely to pretend, and easily recognize and avoid pretenders. They are more happy with themselves and the relationships they have. The rest of us are caught up in cheap mind games, are masters of self-sabotaging and learn to project our frustration, mainly to other sad sods like ourselves. They are the ones who would recognize our pain in them.

Leonardo da Vinci has created so many cool things by just /kidding/ around. the kid’s mind is the creative genuis that we all have, we just lost touch with it with years gone by. Bring the kid and have a guaranteed fun all the time.

Kids have good imagination. Einstein imagined what it would be to travel at the speed of light when he was a kid. He admited that imagination is more important than knowledge, even for an older man. Imagination is a tool for discoveries.

Why not stop this madness right now? Realizing we are but grown up children is a step towards embracing who we are and live better with ourselves and choose who we want to be with. Do yourself a favor – stop pretending, and be the kid you never ceased to be.

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