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Everybody lies..

Let me prove it to you.


Everyone owns deep secrets, relentlessly kept away from everyone else‘s prying eyes. You lie too, my friend. Just look in the mirror and tell me you can see through all this makeup. I’m talking about all the men, of course. 

How about creating a creature, a special breed of the alien breed, genetically engineered to never tell a lie.

Is such a thing even possible? Without using AI?

Who could possibly rip off the genome responsible for lying? A creature that never lies will look weird. Assuming you were not made in a laboratory, despite what your stepmother might have told you, we daresay you must have your share of secrets. Keeping a secret makes your mind vulnerable to getting used to lying. It comes naturally, like when your body slowly learns to respect the law of gravity. Remember, gravity is also responsible for holding our universe together. Gravity could also be a lie.

Hard-coded lies force the brain to bring forth ego-driven scenarios into perspective. To store a lie in your memory, your mind needs to do the extra work to remember both the lie and what really happened.

Lies take additional space.

To some individuals, little exercises in the art of lying quickly extend into a trait of character, starting with

Did you eat the chocolate?

And later helping you finish difficult conversations. Lying has multiple applications and is a preferred negotiation method for most enterprises.

Successful marriages are based on lies. Without them, families fall apart faster than Ann Rice’s main character when feathered by a sunray.

Big business deals are based on lies, the bigger the deal, the bigger the lie. Lies are the backbone of fake news and ridiculous beliefs like Round Earth or saskewatsc. I did not check the spelling of that last one.

Since practically everyone is a carbon-based bundle of secrets, stepping into the realm of compulsive lying becomes an omnipresent threat. This is the extreme case that seems much less extreme, once we establish that everyone does it. Since everyone does it, the boundaries of how far is too far? are comfortably smeared for everyone’s convenience.



All the secrets that better be denied slowly but surely convert normal folk into psychotic savages. Borderline multiple personality disorder, just to make sense of all this carefully created but a fragile house of cards.

Wait, there is a good side of bullshitting too. The occasional personal discomfort related to hiding the truth blends in as a trait of second nature. We developed a society where it feels good when you tell a lie and revealing the facts brings terrible discomfort, at a minimum.

“I was just…I was just getting something to moisten our spit holes, brother.”

Compulsive lies tend don’t get a conscious alert coming from the brain. The question remains: is this what we really are? Double-faced weirdos, programmed to cheat and be cheated. Better believe it’s possible in a world where physical fitness is no longer a survival perk, but more recognized as a bro-science hashtag. You’d lie even if your life depends on telling the truth. Let’s ask prisoners after being interrogated.

Or ask doctor House, he knows a thing or two about lying.

"Humanity is overrated."

“Humanity is overrated.”

Lying is the modus operandi of the modern world, and although officially frowned upon, it encourages its propagation. Ask lawyers. Or the first person you meet today. They all equally misinterpret their consequences.

Picture your ancestors from 3000 years ago. Back when your great grandfather crushed bolder into power to feed his half-wolf children. Grandpa lives in a cave, and when a bear happens to roam nearby and try to eat his face, Grandpa does not consider lying as one of the potential tools that will safe his life. The truth is too real to hide or replace.

3000 years later, though, surviving practically depends on lying and vehemently kept secrets. Reality depends on the function of the brain developed to help us avoid shame and conflict. Both of these factors developed as functions of the brain fairly recently in evolutionary perspective. But with a huge potential to expand these vices into new and unbelievable levels. A new universe where truth not only doesn’t matter anymore, but it doesn’t even exist.


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